SICB San Francisco 2018
6 January 2018
Poster presentation at Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology meeting about my research on bird gut microbes across land use.

Organization for Tropical Studies funds my thesis proposal
30 October 2017
My lab mate and I were both rewarded a OTS fellowship to continue research in Costa Rica. I am excited to do field work and see the wildlife.

Third Annual Microbiome Summit
20 October 2017
I presented a poster at the Microbiome Summit at Stanford University. It was great hearing perspectives from microbiology, ecology, statistics, and molecular biology. Hear me ramble about my work on the podcast Goggles Optional (at 22:48).

Bug Club Advanced Seminar in Microbial Molecular Biology
25 September 2017
I had great opportunity to share my research with the broader Stanford community and chat with the more medical microbiology oriented!

Science communication opportunity
23 August 2017
I had a wonderful time discussing my research to visiting high school students from Tokyo, Japan. I look forward to giving more talks about my research!

ESA Portland 2017
8 August 2017
I gave my first talk of my graduate career titled “Response of avian gut microbiome composition to land use change in a countryside landscape in Costa Rica” at ESA.